Internet Society Hong Kong

ISOC HK 10th Anniversary – Congratulatory Message from President of Internet Society



Congratulatory Message from President & CEO of Internet Society  

Ms Kathryn Brown
Congratulations on 10 years of ISOC Hong Kong!

Chester (Chairman of ISOC HK), friends in Hong Kong,

Knowing that today is a milestone in your chapter’s development I
wanted to send you a special note to mark the occasion of 10th Year
Anniversary of the Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter.

Please let me start by sending my congratulations to ISOC Hong Kong
chapter leaders and members. It’s no secret that ISOC Hong Kong is one
of the most active, high-performing and successful chapters not just
in the Asia-Pacific region, but across all of ISOC’s 124 chapters in
the world. I always hear great news about ISOC Hong Kong from the APAC
Bureau team.  Some of the results of the last 10 years underline this

•   1,400 general and corporate members

•   More than 80 events & projects organized

•   200 events & projects supported

These are impressive achievements!

Not only that but, more importantly, you have consistently pushed for
change. You have brought together entrepreneurs to show how anyone
with a laptop and an Internet connection can build anything. You have
looked at new approaches to privacy and data protection online, and
you have pushed for policy change on topics like e-learning and
Internet accessibility.

I would also like to recall the work, and the considerable efforts of
the chapter leaders, to host the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 in Hong
Kong. I still have memories of that wonderful evening where we
recognized the contribution of significant individuals who have played
their part in shaping the global Internet that we enjoy today.

As we move forward, I believe that our work has never been more
crucial. Together, we are a global movement that champions an open
Internet.  An Internet that brings social and economic opportunity for

Our community is unique. Rooted in the origins of the Internet, we’re
passionate about preserving the foundations on which it was built and
about developing its full and boundless potential. The Internet
Society is stronger because of chapters like ISOC Hong Kong, and I say
with great confidence that this chapter will continue to raise the
Internet Society flag even higher in the next 10 years and beyond.

Congratulations on your anniversary. I look forward to continuing our
important work together.

Kindest regards,