UX for Developers Series #1: What Does UX Mean for Developers? (5 Dec Evening @ WanChai)


UX for Developers Series #1: What Does UX Mean for Developers?
Co-hosted by ISOC HK & eXperience Gathering 

5 December | Wan Chai | 7:00pm-9:30pm (Registration starts at 6:30pm)

In UX for Developers Series #1, we will bring you 4 short talks on Dec 5 evening:​
Talk #1 – ​“When a UX person joins the team” by Andrea Lewis
IT people are essential in the making of great products. Companies are adding UX people to product development teams hoping to improve their products. So then all we need to do is put IT and UX people in the same office, right? In this talk, I will share some tips on how IT and UX people may collaborate to improve projects.
Talk #2 – ​“How developers contribute to UX conversations” by Ada Yuen
A developer should never doubt the relevance of UX to their role. UX is about developing solutions that solve the user's problems, and the developer plays a critical role in that. I will share some practical examples from my own experience of where developers and UX must work together to solve usability problems.
Talk #3 – “Bridging the Gap Between Software Development and UX Design” by Keith Dawson
Software developers and UX designers have traditionally been at odds with one another, but there is no reason why this situation needs to continue. Even a little bit of communication, understanding, and interaction can significantly reduce the friction between developers and designers. As a software engineer who understands both sides, I will reflect on my journey from becoming a pure software engineer to one who is fully aware of the parallel roles that development and design serve in developing software. Along the way, I will also share my insights into how to bridge the gap between these two critical roles.
Talk #4 – ​"Developers, UX is not just a skill but a valuable asset to
your career​” by Vicki Chen
Developers and designers find there is a gap between design and technology as they speak different language and think in a different way. So modern UX Developers/Creative Technologists were born to bridge the gap and even create more value and assets to benefit the team and the business. In this talk, I will share some useful perspectives from my candidates who are UX Developers/Creative Technologist and how they become popular in the market.
After the talks, we will have a panel discussion​ to wrap the event.
Date : 5 December, 2016 (Mon)
Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm 
The Hive, 21/F, The Phoenix Building, 23 Luard Road, Wan Chai
Language: English
Fee: HKD200

Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis is the Managing Director of Ad Hoc Global, a UX research and design agency. She is a Harvard graduate in psychology. She has been working in the web and digital space since 1999. She has held roles in development that includes strategy, product management and information architecture working for global brands such as MTV, eBay, GOV.UK, DELL, and HSBC. Since getting an Msc in CyberPsychology in 2009, Andrea now focuses on user experience and doing hands-on research and design.


Ada Yuen

Ada Yuen is the Research and Managing Director of CoolGranite, a UX research agency. With over a decade of comprehensive UX experience, Ada Yuen is equally passionate, knowledgeable, and strategic in her approach. One of the primary assets that Ada brings to the table is her ability to understand both the immediate and long-term client needs on the projects she engages. She enjoys partnership with stakeholders at every phase of the UX lifecycle, and consistently adds value through insight, counsel, and training on conceptual, high-level, and interaction design for website and app projects


Keith Dawson

Keith Dawson is a software engineer currently working in the fintech startup industry. After graduating with a degree in software engineering, he worked for a variety of corporates and startups in different industries in the United States before moving to Hong Kong, where he has exclusively worked with startups. Keith has worked on the front and back-end of both desktop and web applications, while also gaining experience in every step of the development process from requirements gathering to testing. Since learning the fundamentals of UX design, Keith has attained a new level of understanding of and appreciation for software development.


Vicki Chen

Vicki Chen is a  a recruiter with Xpand specialising in UX/Digital Creative and partnering with international companies across Greater China. She build strong, trusted relationship with talents from Design Strategy, User Research, Information Architecture, UI/Visual Design to Digital Creative Strategy, Integrated Creative Solutions. Vicki enjoys talking/working with digital savvys and UX professionals as they are always close to the market and leading the wave which inspires me a lot. As a recruitment specialist, the best moment of my recruitment life is about problem solving, perfect matching and needs fulfilling.