[Hiring!] Developer (Part-time)

Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK)Job Vacancy

Job Title: Developer (Part-Time)


ISOC HK believes data will contribute to social good, and opening up public datasets is the fundamental first step. In 2020, ISOC HK launched the Hong Kong Open Data Index, the first evidence-based research on Open Data advocacy. It identified both technical flaws in data publication and disadvantages in open data governance of Hong Kong. The dated websites of district councils have immense potential to improve in terms of data openness. Hence, ISOC plans to develop a typical use case to demonstrate to the public and government on how an ideal Open Data system should be designed and operated.

Job Description:

ISOC invites applications for the position- Developer who shall be responsible for transforming the data in one of the District Councils’ website from non-structured format to an open data format; ensuring the accuracy of the data transformed and developing an use case; and contributing to maintaining other datasets for the Hong Kong Open Data Index. 


  1. Technical background with experience to convert unstructured data to structured data, such as pdf tables to CSV
  2. Able to perform data integrity check and data cleansing
  3. Proficiency knowledge of designing specification for common open data format, including but not limited to JSON, XML, RESTful API
  4. Understanding on government open data is an advantage

Salary: Piece rate (depending on the volume and complexity of the data)

Duration: Estimated 10-20 hours per week, 3 – 6 months depending on the progress

Location and working mode: Remote and flexible schedule

Please send your CV to [email protected] before 30 Sep 2021.