什麽是「路由安全共同協議規範」Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS)?

路由系統是全球網絡基礎設施的重要一部分;不良分子可以透過騎劫路由器 (route hijacking)、路由洩漏 (route leaks)、欺騙網絡協定地址 (IP Address spoofing)等發起分散式阻斷服務攻擊 (DDOS) 及其他攻擊網絡服務的手段。因此,路由系統的保安和韌性(reslience) 至關重要。

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什麽是社區網絡 (Community Networks)?

很多人以爲互聯網必須由互聯網服務供應商 (ISP) 提供。其實,你也可以”自己動手”建造網絡。

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Encryption Matters

The Internet has become an inseparable part of our life, and the online and offline world are more intertwined than ever. Yet, most of us are unaware of online safety, just like things as simple as not leaving our wallet unattended in the public in the offline world.

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