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國際資訊科技博覽 2012IPv6 讓網絡持續 – 甚麼是 IPv6? 何準備迎接網絡新格局 ? 」研討會
現時接通互聯網嘅IP地址嘅版本係IPv4,但係有太多人,太多裝置都需要,所以地址已經用完了! IPv6係最新嘅版本… IPv4有43億個地址,但IPv6可容納嘅地址係多到幾乎無限! 好似電話號碼唔夠用,加多幾個位,分別係你需要更換或提升你的電話裝置。- 互聯網當前狀況及 IPv4 耗盡問題

– 究竟什麼是 IPv6? 它是不是唯一的解決方法 ?

– IPv6 有什麼好處 ? 將會引入哪些嶄新和超凡創意 ?

– 我是否已為 IPv6 做好充分準備 ?

– 我現在可以用 IPv6 嗎 ? 如果我想全面使用 IPv6 ,我需要做甚麼呢 ?

日期:2012年 4月15日(星期日)

時間: 3pm – 4pm

地點:香港灣仔會議展覽中心 會堂 3F-G, 會議室 (Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G)



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在四月十四日前登記有機會獲得最新型號的 ipad !

“The new iPAD”

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People - Charlesmok




People - SangYoung


IPv6 IPv6 培訓團隊主管



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如有任何查詢,請聯絡 [email protected] / 27885779

國際資訊科技博覽 2012 ﹣ IPv6展覽攤位

「 IPv6 In Action 」將參與4月13至16日舉行的 國際資訊科技博覽 2012 ,是次博覽會將展出在資訊、通訊及科技等方面的 最新產品 及 新方案。請來臨參觀我們位於3樓 G29 的展覽攤位,並 可即時得到Bit Bit可愛滑鼠墊一個

日期:2012年 4月 13日- 4月16日 ( 星期五至星期一 )

展覽攤位: 3 樓 通道 G, 展覽攤位 G29

地點:香港灣仔會議展覽中心 Halls 3F-G

「啟動IPv6 」網站正式推出

ipv6now. hk and 啟動IPv6.香港

「IPv6 In Action」 計劃目的旨在協助公眾及中小企業更加了解IPv4 地址耗盡之情況 ,以及提升他們對IPv6之認識。 本計劃由政府資 訊科技總監辦公室贊助,由香港互聯網協會主辦, 並獲得多個合作伙 伴機構及支持機構的支持。

請瀏覽 www.ipv6now.hk http:// www.啟動IPv6.香港 了解更多關於 IPv6的活動及資訊!

請LIKE我們的Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/IPv6InAction

IPv6 宣傳單張


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全場爆滿﹣ 青年人的「IPv6 讓互聯網持續發展」 研討會及數碼港導賞團 超過 300 名年青人登記參加 「 IPv6 讓互聯網持續發展 」 研討會 及數碼港導賞團。 由於名額有限, 是次研討會及數碼港導賞團只能招待 120 名學生。 研討會及導賞團將於四月十二日舉行, 參與是次活動的學生將能率先取得 IPv6 的最新資訊, 並參觀數碼港的設施。



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International ICT Expo 2012 – “IPv6 Keeps the Internet Growing” Seminar

“IPv6 Keeps the Internet Growing” Seminar

Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) was the main method by which IP addresses were assigned on the Internet. However, the Internet has become completely saturated thanks to its explosive growth and the sheer number of devices needing to access it. IPv4 provides only a limited number of IP addresses (about 4.3 billion) but IPv6 can accommodate virtually unlimited IPs.

Find out more about:

– The current state of the Internet and the issue of IPv4 exhaustion

– What is IPv6 and is it the only solution?

– What are the benefits of IPv6?

– What cool new innovations are being introduced with IPv6?

– How to be IPv6 ready? What to do if you don’t have IPv6 now?

Date: April 15, 2012 (Sun)

Time: 3:00 – 4:00pm

Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance)

Language: Cantonese


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Register prior to April 14 for a chance to WIN

“The new iPAD”

Image - ipad2012



People - Charlesmok

Charles Mok

Founding Chair

Internet Society Hong Kong

People - SangYoung

Sang Young

Head of IPv6 Training Team

Internet Society Hong Kong

For seminar detail, Click Here

For enquiry, please contact: [email protected] / 27885779

International ICT Expo 2012 – IPv6 Booth

IPv6 In Action will be amongst one of the exhibitors at the International ICT Expo from April 13-16, 2012. The expo will showcase the newest products and solutions in information, communication and technologies. Please visit us to learn more about IPv6.

Visit us at Booth 3F-G29 and get a Bit Bit mouse pad!


Date: April 13-16, 2012 (Fri – Mon)

Booth: Hall 3F / AisleG / Booth 29 (Floor Plan)

Venue: Halls 3F-G, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance)

ICT Expo Detail

“IPv6 In Action” Website Launched

ipv6now. hk and 啟動IPv6.香港

The “IPv6 In Action” Project aims to help the general public and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to better understand the IPv4 address space exhaustion situation and to raise their awareness of IPv6. Sponsored by The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), the project is organised by the Internet Society Hong Kong and supported by a number of Co-operating Partners and Supporting Organisations.

Check out

www.ipv6now.hk or http://www.啟動IPv6.香港 now to learn what is IPv6, how to enable it, IPv6 events, resources and more!

Please also LIKE our Facebook Page here: www.facebook.com/IPv6InAction

IPv6 Pamphlet

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Full House – Youth Group “IPv6 Keeps the Internet Growing” Seminar & Cyberport Tour Over 300 youths registered to join the IPv6 Seminar and tour of Cyberport! Unfortunately, we could only accomadate 120 of those lucky students. The event will be conducted on April 12, 2012 (Thur); this group of students will be able to get first hand information on the latest updates on IPv6 and tour facilities of Cyberport.

Supporting Parties

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