IPv6World.Asia – After World IPv6 Day, what's next? (2 Sep 11)

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Co-hosts - APNIC, DOT.ASIA, HKIX, ITC HK, HKISPA, IPv6 Forum Hong Kong

Date: 2 Sep 2011 (Friday)

Time: 2pm – 5pm

Venue:  Function Room, Core E, Cyberport 3,100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

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On World IPv6 Day (June 8th 2011), top content providers such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and more than 1000 participating websites joined together for a successful global-scale trial of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6. This is the first ever largest IPv6 deployment in the world. By providing a coordinated 24-hour “test flight”, the event helped
demonstrate that major websites around the world are well-positioned for the move to a global IPv6-enabled Internet, enabling its continued exponential growth.

A key goal of World IPv6 Day was to expose potential issues with real-world IPv6 use under controlled conditions. Given the diversity of technology that powers the Internet, the global nature of the trial was crucial to identify unforeseen problems. The vast majority of users were able to access services as usual, but in rare cases, users experienced impaired access to participating websites during the trial.

After World IPv6 Day, then the question is “what’s next?”. We are pleased that speakers from Google, Yahoo and Hurricane Electric, who did the actual IPv6 deployment work on World IPv6 Day, will come to Hong Kong and share with us their valuable experience, including how they planned for World IPv6 Day, operational issues, deployment problems, security issues and transition mechanism.


People - Erik Kline 

Erik Kline,
IPv6 Software Engineer, Google,

JPErik Kline is an IPv6 Software Engineer for Google in Tokyo. He has worked
for Google since 2004 and has been architecting networks and writing software
since 1993. Having started work on IPv6 porting and deployment in 2005, as a
<20% project, he transitioned to a 100% “IPv6 guy” in October of
2007. He has contributed as a software developer to the launch of IPv6
support for numerous Google services.

People - Jason Fesler 

Jason Fesler,

Senior Principal, Architect, Yahoo!, US

Jason Fesler is a senior principal architect in Yahoo! Operations, where he
focuses on “IP Survivability” – handling the exhaustion of IPv4,
and the promotion of IPv6.  He provides
the technical leadership across all layers of the company, driving towards
Yahoo’s plan of offering services via IPv6.
Most recently, he successfully drove Yahoo’s participation in World
IPv6 Day.

People - Martin Levy 

Martin Levy,

Director IPv6, Strategy, Hurricane Electric, US

Martin Levy has been involved in the TCP/IP world since the publication of
the first TCP/IP RFCs in the early 80’s. It was at Bell Labs where he ran
their first TCP/IP network-enabled UNIX computers. Since joining Hurricane
Electric in early 2008, Martin has taken on the role of significantly
expanding Hurricane Electric’s IPv6 global connectivity services.  Martin Levy’s major contribution to the IPv6
world while at Hurricane Electric has been his tireless pursuit in making
IPv6′s global routing on-par or better than the existing Internet routing.


People - Charles Mok 

Charles Mok,

Chairman, Internet
Society Hong Kong (Moderator)

Panel Discussion:  After World IPv6 Day, what’s next?


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