Notice for AGM and Election (Sep 29, 2012)

The AGM of the Internet Society Hong Kong Limited will be held on 29-Sep-2012 (Sat).

We will also hold our EXCO election in this meeting.There will be five seats opened – four for full members and one for general members.

If you want to join the election please fill in the appropriate nomination form and submit the form on or before 22 Sep 2012.

Annual General Meeting 2012

Date:    29-Sep-2012 (Sat)
Time:    11am – 12 noon (please be punctual)

Venue:  Room 203 ,Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Participants: Internet Society Hong Kong members only
Registration: Email to [email protected]

Agenda of Meeting
1. Confirmation of Agenda
2. Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting
3. Confirmation Business Report

4. Confirmation of Financial Report
5. Confirmation the Amendment of Articles of Association
6. Election of Executive Committee 2012-2013

Full Member Candidates:

Francis Fong (Executive Committee Member 2011-2012)

Joe Yau (Executive Committee Member 2011-2012)

Ken Lam (Full Member)
Philip Leung 
(Executive Committee Member 2011-2012)

General Member Candidate:
Che-hoo Cheng(Executive Committee Member 2011-2012)

7. AOB

Executive Committee 2012 – 2013
Mr. S.C. Leung
Mr. Edmon Chung
Prof. Joseph Ng
Mr. Jacky Tsoi
Mr. Che-Hoo Cheng

Dr. Joe Yau
Mr. Francis Fong
Mr. Ken Lam
Mr. Philip Leung