IPv6 Now Project: Hong Kong Ready for the Next Step towards IPv6

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[Hong Kong – 31 January, 2013] The Internet Society Hong Kong announced today the success of the HKSAR Government-initiated “IPv6 In Action” campaign. Two benchmarking surveys conducted before and after the campaign revealed:

  • Elevated awareness levels of IPv4 and IPv6 among the public and SMEs Internet users (IPv4: 71 per cent to 88 per cent, IPv6: 57.5 per cent to 86 per cent);
  • More people are aware about the depletion of IPv4 address space (68 per cent to 81 per cent);
  • More people understand that IPv6 is not directly compatible with IPv4 and action needs to be taken in order to enable IPv6 in their usual Internet environment (40 per cent to 57 per cent);
  • More home users and organisations have taken action to implement IPv6 (home users: 43 per cent to 53 per cent, organisations 57 per cent to 68 per cent); and
  • Over 80 per cent of respondents who have participated in the “IPv6 In Action” campaign found the activities useful to help them prepare for the transition to IPv6

The Internet Society Hong Kong is now urging all sectors to take advantage of the effectiveness of this public-wide campaign and continue efforts in sustaining Hong Kong’s role as the regional ICT hub with leading Internet technology on par with the global standard.

Mr Daniel Lai, BBS, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, said, “With the great result rendered by the ‘IPv6 In Action’ campaign, Hong Kong is able to maintain its forefront position in the global ICT industry. It is a great achievement in supporting the deployment of IPv6. We believe that the majority of Internet users in Hong Kong are now ready to embrace the wide-spread deployment of the new Internet standard. We look forward to local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to complete the local Internet service’s comprehensiveness by offering residential IPv6 connection to address the demand in the market before it is too late.”

Mr Charles Mok, Founding Chairman of the Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK) and Head of the “IPv6 In Action” Project, said, “We are proud to support the Government’s push in IPv6 deployment and in leading the society to the next generation of the Internet. We have established a solid foundation for community-wide adoption of IPv6 in order to keep the Internet growing. ISOC HK will keep working with the Government and various industry stakeholders to encourage the use of IPv6 through education, certification and training programmes. We are ready to educate local users how to select the best IPv6 service based on their individual needs when local ISPs start to offer native IPv6 service for home users.”

Two sets of benchmarking surveys were conducted in the first and last quarter of 2012 by City University of Hong Kong (CityU), commissioned by ISOC HK, to find out the awareness and knowledge levels of IP address among Hong Kong’s general public and SMEs. In between the surveys, ISOC HK organised the “IPv6 In Action”, a campaign sponsored by the HKSAR Government to promote and educate Internet users in Hong Kong on why and how to transit to IPv6. The two surveys with over 400 respondents on average were conducted online through an independent survey portal powered by CityU. Dr Daniel Tse of the Department of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong, points out, “Raising the awareness and urging for planning are merely the first steps, more work is necessary in order to guide the public and SMEs to a complete IPv6 environment. It is crucial for the government, NGOs, education and commercial sectors to work closely to make sure that Hong Kong’s maintain its competitiveness as a regional ICT hub.”

“IPv6 In Action” is a promotional campaign organised by ISOC HK in accordance to the HKSAR Office of the Government Chief Information Officer’s initiative, to promote the awareness of IPv6 services in Hong Kong, in particular the general public and SMEs. The year-long campaign was composed of a trilingual thematic website (www.ipv6now.hk), a bilingual consumer guide titled “All about IPv6”, a series of seminars targeting SMEs, teachers and students, three radio dramas, and media interviews and articles on mass-circulated newspapers, and magazines and online websites. The campaign culminated with the World IPv6 Launch on 6 June 2012, where global technology giants with daily website traffic of over 1 billion and major ISPs, home networking equipment manufacturers and Internet content service providers came together to permanently enable IPv6 for their product and services, while locally ISOC HK partnered with Cyberport to host a conference attracted over 270 participants. The campaign also received support from various technology industry associations.

The HKSAR Government is also active in leading the city to the next generation of the Internet. One of its recent actions was the enhancement of free public Wi-Fi service, GovWiFi, which supports IPv6 to enable users to access more websites supporting this new Internet communications standard, to about 400 premises all over Hong Kong.

What is IPv6?

2011 was a key year for the internet, because the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) address space at the global level were exhausted at the beginning of the year. Unless action is taken, Internet users will face with the risk of increased costs and limited functionality when it acquires new Internet services. The only long-term solution is to deploy Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which offers over trillions of times more IP addresses than IPv4.

More Information: http://www.ipv6now.hk/en/WhatisIPv6.php

About the Internet Society Hong Kong

Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK) is the local chapter organization of the Internet Society (ISOC), which is an international, professional, not-for-profit membership society with more than 100 organizations and more than tens of thousands individual members in over 90 chapters around the world, providing leadership in all issues confronting the current and future Internet. ISOC HK was formed in 2005 by local veteran Internet professionals with the mission to improve the practice of Internet governance and online civil society in Hong Kong. Consistent with the ISOC statement of purpose, ISOC HK believes in “maintaining and extending the development and availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications – both as an end in itself, and as a means of enabling organizations, professions, and individuals locally and worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, and innovate in their respective fields and interests.”

For more detailed information of Internet Society Hong Kong, please visit www.isoc.hk.


[香港-2013 年 1 月 31 日]香港互聯網協會今天宣佈由香港特區政府帶動的「啟動IPv6計劃」已取得成功。兩個分別於計劃前後進行的基準統計顯示:

  • 在家居及中小企互聯網用家的IPv4及IPv6認知度有所提升(IPv4:71%升至88%;IPv6:57.5%升至86%);
  • 更多人注意到IPv4地址已耗盡的情況(68%升至81%);
  • 更多人了解到IPv6與IPv4並不是直接互相兼容,用戶必須採取行動以令其原來的互聯網裝置及網絡支援IPv6(40%升至57%);
  • 更多家居用戶及公司已採取啟用IPv6行動(家居用戶:43%升至53%;企業用戶:57%升至68%);及
  • 超過八成曾參於「啟動IPv6計劃」之活動的受訪者認為本計劃有助他們為過渡至IPv6作出準備





「啟動IPv6計劃」是一個由香港互聯網協會為嚮應香港政府資訊科技總監辦公室而舉辦的宣傳活動,旨在提升本地IPv6互聯網服務的認知度,尤其在公眾及中小企層面。這個長達一年的計劃活動包括一個兩文三語的主題網站「啟動IPv6.香港」 (


什麼是 IPv6?




香港互聯網協會(ISOC HK)是互聯網協會的香港分會,屬國際性的專業非牟利組織。會員遍佈全球超過九十個地區、有過百個組織成員及過萬名個人成員,帶領業界共同面對現今至未來的互聯網議題。香港互聯網協會於 2005 年由本地資深互聯網專業人員成立,旨在改善香港的互聯網管治及網上公民社會。香港互聯網協會貫徹互聯網協會的宗旨,香港互聯網協會堅持「維護和擴展互聯網的覆蓋和發展以及其相關技術和應用,並使互聯網成為促進全球和本地機構、行業及個人在其各自領域更有效地配合、協作和創新的工具。」